The revolution begins in you, do you join?

Every second more than 200 kilos of garbage are dumped into seas and oceans. (80% of this garbage is plastics and derivatives that can take up to 1000 years to degrade, seriously affecting marine life and consequently us. We want to change the dynamics. Reduce the consumption of plastics that are harmful to the environment and increase the daily use of reusable products.

It’s time to change habits and improve our world

Runbott is a reusable container, made with top quality materials, which apart from keeping your drinks at he right temperature for hours, will not leave flavours or odours. It is easy to clean and helps to reduce waste.

Like you, we take protecting the environment very seriously. By using reusable bottles, we reduce the number of plastic containers that do so much damage to our planet.

Temperature, taste, and

These three concepts are what make Runbott so much than just a reusable bottle. The secret is its interior with a ceramic coating, which allows us to maintain the temperature of our drinks for long hours without exposing it to metal, also avoiding unpleasant flavour

Thank you for participating in the Runbott
drinking revolution!